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Who is behind Li'l Chef?

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- Killian Crowley, the author -

Having started culinary school in Belgium at the age of 15, Killian very quickly had the opportunity to work in a first michelin star kitchen at the Clairefontaine restaurant, in the city of Luxembourg. Following this experience, he decided to continue in this direction and to focus on gastronomy, passing through several michelin star restaurant.


In 2018, Killian Crowley was crowned best young chef in the UK and Ireland in the San Pellegrino competition, for which he represented the region at the world final held in Milan in May of the same year.


At the start of 2020, the young chef founded SONAS, with the ambition of passing on his knowledge of gastronomy and sharing his passion for cooking.


From there was born the desire to educate everyone on the products, their seasonality, their origin and the associations of flavors. In this vein, he wants to educate children from an early age by offering a book made up of illustrated recipes that are easy to make. This is how the “Li'l Chef” project was born.

More information about Killian Crowley and SONAS are available at the following site:

Cooking classes | Sonas | Luxembourg

- Clémentine Latron, the illustrator -

Clémentine is born in France, and it was at the age of two that she began to draw - on the walls of her bedroom. From there, she never stopped again.


In 2014, freshly arrived in Amsterdam with a translation diploma in hand, she began to illustrate her expat daily life in the Netherlands for the weekly Courrier International: the blog " Dessine-moi un expat" was born. One thing led to another, collaborations began to emerge with a wide variety of clients: Clémentine designed for Babbel magazine (a language learning application), the Petit Mariage entre Amis site, the Alliance Française network in the Netherlands, or again the children's magazine La Petite Fabrique.


In 2019, now a freelance illustrator and translator, Clémentine published The Tour de France of regional expressions at Editions First, followed in 2020 by Expats , a collection of the chronicles of Dessine-moi un expat . You can find her work on her website:

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